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Upcoming Events

Fish Management in Chartiers Creek Watershed
Thurs, March 6 at 7:00 pm, North Strabane Township Building

Ever wondered what kinds of fish are swimming around in the waters we work so hard to preserve? Find out at the upcoming talk by Rick Lorson, Area 8 Fisheries Manager for the PA Fish & Boat
Commission. This event is open to everyone in the community, so come and bring a friend!

Washington County Watershed Alliance's
2nd Annual Meeting & Banquet March 19 at Julian’s,
Washington, PA. 5 pm – Social / 7:00 pm – Dinner

All of the county’s watershed associations are invited to attend this
special event, and present display boards highlighting their 2013
activities. Based on last year’s banquet, the 2014 event promises
to be an enlightening and enjoyable evening!

Riparian Buffer / Stream Bank Restoration Training
Late May or June – stay tuned for update!

New for 2014 – a training event for riparian buffer/stream bank
restoration presented by the Consortium for Scientific Assistance
to Watersheds (C-SAW). We look forward to a helpful and enriching
session, following the very successful C-SAW stream monitoring
training events in fall 2013!

Spring Stream Monitoring
April – Dates to be announced

Spring is the designated time for stream monitoring, an activity our
members have been engaging in faithfully for years. Please show
your support and volunteer for a few hours of in-stream fun! You will
have 4 chances to help monitor at one of our 4 stream locations.
This is a family-friendly activity…so bring your kids!

Annual Spring Walk
Date to be announced

Enjoy a narrated tour of the North Franklin Wetlands, led by
Dr. Jason Kilgore, Assistant Professor of Biology, Washington &
Jefferson College. An expert on conservation and local resource
issues, Dr. Kilgore will conduct a lively and informative walk
that will be fun for the whole family!

Catfish Creek Stream Restoration
Early Fall – watch for updates!

Early this fall, we will continue our efforts to restore portions of the
stream bank along Catfish Creek in Washington Park. Working
again with the City of Washington, we’ll focus on the opposite side
of the stream from our 2013 restoration project, stabilizing the
bank and doing plantings.

Events in the Community…
Throughout the year!

During 2014 we will represent the ChCWA at such public events
as the Sportsman’s Show, Ag Days (March 21 - 23), and the
Washington County Fair. We would love to see you there…so
please come out and show your support!

A Kayak Tour of Chartiers Creek

August 8, 2013