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- National Geographic, October 1993

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Early results now available

Our new methane sampling program has been underway since June, and we now have results for the June 22 and August 6, 2015 samplings. In a diagram provided by Anna Wendt of Penn State University, you can see methane concentrations in Chartiers Creek and some of its tributaries. Read more . . .


Testing for chemicals, temperature, pH, conductivity,
and macro-invertebrate health

The fall segment of our twice-yearly macro / chemical monitoring is well underway. This sampling involves collecting and analyzing stream samples from 4 different locations in the Upper Chartiers Creek.

We could still use some volunteer help with this program, both on weekdays and weekends. ChCWA provides training, supplies, and experienced guides. This activity is appropriate for adults and supervised young people.

For more details, please email Carrilee.

News and Updates

It was a beautiful fall day for our


with Venture Outdoors!


Eighteen kayakers from Venture Outdoors and ChCWA boated 3 miles on Canonsburg Lake during the recent ChCWA/VO joint paddle, Sunday, October 4. The day began cloudy, but the sun came out just in time to assure a memorable fall outing. More details & photos . . .


If you like to kayak and missed this event, we’re looking into
another joint paddle next spring, restoration work permitting.
Watch this space for more details!


Final DEP report awaited

This summer, stream samples for bacterial analysis were collected at 10 sites in Little Chartiers Creek. Lab results show bacterial levels that do not meet the standards for recreational use. Read more . . .

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