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WCCF Day of Giving – September 9, 2015

Donate to ChCWA through Washington County's
Annual Fundraising Event!

The Chartiers Creek Watershed Association has lots of exciting projects on tap for 2016 . . . but we need funding to make them a reality! YOU CAN HELP . . .

Each fall, the Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) conducts WCCF Gives, an official one-day event to raise funds for County charities. Every donation you make to your favorite charity on this day is increased by a percentage of a bonus pool – estimated to be at least $100,000. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $1,000,000 in grants to local charities through WCCF Gives.

The minimum contribution is $25, but donors are welcome to give as much and to as many charities as they would like.

Here’s how it works . . .

You can support either the Washington County Watershed Alliance (WCWA) or the Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (ChCWA), but it’s even better to support both! So, although all donations go automatically to WCWA . . .

  • you may direct some of your contribution to ChCWA

  • If you are a member of WCWA or ChCWA, or want to join either / both
    organization(s), you can apply your donation toward your 2016
    membership dues.

See How to Donate . . .


with Venture Outdoors!

Sunday, October 4th – 1 to 3 pm


Like to kayak? Then this event is for you! On the first Sunday in October, ChCWA will join Venture Outdoors in cosponsoring a kayak trip on Canonsburg Lake.

We’ll paddle around the 108-acre PA Fish and Boat Commission lake. Guest speakers from the Canonsburg Lake Restoration & Improvement Committee and Chartiers Creek Watershed Association will talk about the lake's history and the plans for its improvement.

ChCWA participants will also have a chance to learn about Venture Outdoors and to meet some of its members.


Volunteer now – it’s fun and educational!

The fall segment of our twice-yearly macro monitoring will kick off in October. This sampling involves collecting and analyzing stream samples from 4 different locations in the Upper Chartiers Creek.

Volunteer openings to help with this sampling can range from just two consecutive dates to a complete multi-week schedule. ChCWA provides all training and supplies, along with experienced guides to accompany volunteers.

Consider joining us for this important project! All you will need is transportation to the sites, and an interest in protecting the environment.

For more details, please email Carrilee.


Data will be available soon on the web!

The Chartiers Creek Watershed Association is enhancing its stream monitoring agenda with a totally new program – methane sampling! Our volunteers are collecting stream samples throughout the watershed for study by Penn State researcher Susan Brantley and her colleagues. When analyzed, these samples will enable the researchers to estimate the amount of methane in groundwater discharge to streams.

Methane in streams can come from a variety of sources: microbial methane (naturally occurring, or from landfills, septic installations, agriculture), natural thermogenic methane, and leaks of thermogenic methane from gas wells.

Ms. Brantley’s group began their methane research with a pilot study in northern Pennsylvania. The study was a collaboration of researchers from the United States Geologic Study (USGS), Penn State, and the University of Utah. To view a presentation of the Penn State pilot study, go to Shale Network. In the list of presentations, click on “Stream Monitoring for Estimating Methane” (Susan Brantley, et al).

Penn State is expanding the study to Chartiers Creek and other streams by using volunteer monitors. Our ChCWA volunteers were trained this summer (2015), collecting their first samples in Little Chartiers Creek.

Samples will continue to be collected on a regular basis, every other month, and the data will be viewable on the web using HydroDesktop, a free, open source GIS-enabled desktop application. Click on “HydroDesktop” above for more information, plus links for downloading and a helpful tutorial.

News and Updates

Summer Sampling Completed in August . . .

. . . thanks to PA DEP and our great volunteers!

We’re done! This summer we completed our annual bacteriological stream monitoring – and started a new methane monitoring program – in spite of a few obstacles!

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