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Implementation of the River Conservation Plan

Association projects have been and will continue to be chosen to address the goals of the Chartiers Creek River Conservation Plan.

The River Conservation Plan for the Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed was completed in 2002. This project was undertaken by the Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (ChCWA) and the Washington County Watershed Alliance (WCWA). Development of the River Conservation Plan was funded by a grant from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), combined with matching funds from local organizations and volunteer time worked by members of the project’s Steering Committee, ChCWA, and WCWA.

The Upper Chartiers Creek River Conservation Plan was an essential first step toward improving and protecting the resources of this area of Washington County. It is a tool for local and multi-municipal planning to address the problems that are identified. It will be an asset to municipalities and organizations seeking funds for projects to implement the recommendations of the plan.

The Upper Chartiers Creek River Conservation Plan has been listed on the Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation Registry. That listing makes implementation activities, whether for detailed planning or construction, eligible for Keystone Funds, which are administered by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The communities that lie within the Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed are eligible for grants made available through the Keystone Grant Program. Additionally, other grant programs will be more receptive to funding implementation projects.

With an accepted plan approved and placed on the Registry, municipal officials and staff, government agencies, politicians, non-profit organizations, and/or partnerships of these entities can work together to make improvements to the items discussed in the plan.

The plan is the watershed’s best guide for land stewardship and consistent comprehensive concepts and practices regarding the watershed and land use.

The association continues to seek implementation of this plan in conjunction with the municipalities within the watershed.

A copy of the River Conservation Plan is included on this website for you to read. Click on Planning Documents below to view the plan documents and related maps.

River Conservation Plan Documents

Project Summary Report (7 pages, 80 K)

Executive Summary (4 pages, 794K)

Management Recommendations Matrix (7 Pages, 280K)

Complete River Conservation Plan Document (118 pages, 3331K)

River Conservation Plan Maps

Map Num & Description Small Large
1 - Project Region 57K 350K
2 - Sub Basins 85K 656K
3 - Land Use 59K 303K
4 - Surface Geology 62K 339K
5 - Water Quality Mgt 59K 346K
6 - Population 47K 232K
7 - Infrastructure 65K 398K
8 - Constraints 65K 381K
9 - Cultural / Recreation 57K 284K
10 - Deep Mining (Coal, Gas, Oil) 68K 325K
11 - Conservation by Design 87K 564K