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Watershed Concerns
  • Coal mining – abandoned mine drainage from past mining activity; potential mine subsidence from current long-wall mining. Several treatment facilities, such as the Consolidation Coal facility located adjacent to Chartiers Creek on Hahn Road in North Strabane Township, can be found within the Watershed.

  • Brownfield sites – including decommissioning of the Molycorp site by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and Chevron/Unocal and Molycorp. The site is in Canton Township.

  • Flood Prevention – a recurring problem along Chartiers Creek and its tributaries.

  • Wetlands Preservation – a recurring problem along Chartiers Creek and its tributaries.

  • Improvement of Water Quality – in Chartiers Creek and its tributaries.

  • Marcellus Shale Drilling – A comprehensive new program was started in 2010 to monitor water quality in our streams.

  • Habitat Modification – A major water quality problem in the Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed, habitat modification is caused by stream water quality parameters being altered by such factors as high stream flow, turbidity, erosion and sedimentation, residual chemicals, and thermal pollution. It typically occurs near highly developmental areas and major transportation areas (for example, near highways). See Map 8, below.

  • Nutrients – Sanitary sewers and storm water sewers tend to overflow during wet weather events because of old or poorly maintained sewer systems. These overflows leak into waterways. Because such sewer water is overloaded with nutrients, it can lead to eutrophication of the waterway it enters. See Map 8, below:

      Chartiers Watershed - Water Quality

Map 8 – Water Quality Management parameters in Washington County

Source: Upper Chartiers Creek River Conservation Plan

          Chartiers Watershed - Water Quality